Getting in that weekend workout

The week is so hectic, but it’s heading in to the weekend, which normally gives us all a little more time–we don’t have to be at work at 8am (unless there’s an appointment) and we can enjoy our time with our families.

Add in those bite sized calorie burners for the weekend!
I have a dog and walk a pretty brisk route around Montclair a few times a day, but at the weekend I try to burn an extra few calories by taking the longest route.  I don’t mean going three miles out of the way, I mean that you can “play-chicken” to run across Valley Road to the store to get the milk, or you can go via the traffic lights the next block down.

You would be surprised how easy it is, and how these little bite-size additions to your day will improve your fitness.  Think that’s not enough?  Make that extra piece of your walk a short run.

Movie night fun!
In my house, Friday is movie night.  We pop in a movie, pop in some popcorn, and relax after a long week.  I’ve started adding some extra effort in to the trailers–so I thought you might too–by taking the cushion from the sofa and adding in some tricep dips or pressups.  By the time the movie starts, I’ve watched the trailers and feel like I really deserve the rest!

Enjoy the weekend–and feel free to comment here, or direct-message me at @montclairNJfit to tell me how you did or ask a question!

Tidbit of the day:

Make some different choices at mealtimes without compromising taste: swap out toast and honey for cereal and milk or in the store this weekend pick up the egg-whites instead of egg beaters for a quick, tasty breakfast.

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Frances Saxton–New to NJ, not to fitness!

A trainer at a Manhattan gym, and an active resident of Montclair, NJ, this is a great place where I can share my professional knowledge and hope to build the fitness of my new community!

They say a new year is a time to say “out with the old and in with the new” but 2010 was a great year for me–I qualified as an AFAA trainer a year ago and graduated with my masters degree, I married my great husband, and I moved to Montclair, NJ.

2010 was certainly a year I want to hold on to…that’s not to say there aren’t great things in store for 2011.

Remember to check back for my blog and I’m going to start a “tidbit” of the day–ways to help you to incorporate a little more fitness in your everyday!

Tidbit of the day!

Vary how you climb the stairs–sometimes take one at a time and sometimes take two for that extra workout.

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