Eat, drink, and lose weight


Did you know that two-thirds of losing weight is DIET?
By diet, I don’t mean “go on a diet” but rather what we eat on a daily basis.  We love a good meal: pancakes, waffles, and sausage for breakfast.  But when we’re filling up, what are we doing to ourselves?  Well we can be more aware and make smart choices about what we eat, if we take the time to think about it.  Here’s a good place to learn more
I always say it’s a good idea to drink lots–it makes our bodies more efficient–but when you’re sleepy, rather than reach for a cup of coffee you could reach for a glass of water.  Water doesn’t have calories and doesn’t have caffeine, but can solve dehydration. As I’ ve mentioned before 8 glasses of water a day will give your immune system a boost of energy!
I found some interesting links to share:
If you’re diabetic, don’t continue to abuse the body- read this for healthy tips and guidelines!
Have a treadmill in your home and need some ideas?
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