Scared? Procrastination? Tell me why you don’t work out.

I want to hear from you. Why haven’t you worked out recently? Why don’t you visit the gym or the rec? Understanding that can help me tailor my blog and my posts.

If the reason is procrastination. Go to the gym an make an appointment with a trainer. Did you know most gyms will offer you a free session? That might help you ask the questions you’ve always wanted to ask and get over those hurdles. If you think you need someone to buddy with and can’t find a buddy–that free session could be the start of something great. I worked with an older lady yesterday who told me “I can’t” do it. You really can. If you feel you need the encouragement, then take the free session and decide if you want to sign up!

If the gym is boring take another magazine (what a good excuse to pick up a new one!) Using your ipod on the treadmill or even walking in the park can help you keep pace.

Go with a friend! If a friend won’t go, and you don’t have a trainer to work out with, consider matching your iPod with the +Nike technology and you can compete with others online–now that’s incentive!

My best tip is to go to the gym when you’re most awake. Don’t go after work when you’re tired out. Listen to your body and decide when it wants to move!

I’m interested–I want to know why you don’t go. Tell me your story in the comments section!

Tidbit of the day:
Throw some kick boxing into your workout! You can burn 500 calories or more an hour!

and… for the weekend:I saw this great blog “Don’t Let Winter’s Bad Weather Spoil Your Exercise Time”  Check it out–good advice for us in the NY area!

Should drink 8 pints of water a day! Keep it up!!

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