Adding up

Challenge yourself–one more.

Next time you’re adding in your workout think about pushing yourself. Just when you’re about to finish think “I’ll do one more” and for every “one more” you do, they add up. If we’re really committed to keeping healthy we need to add the commitment to do it little by little, but keep in the right frame of mind.

So if you’re in the gym do one more rep, if you’re on the street walk one more block, and if you’re on the bus get off one stop early!

Your body will burn more if you work out more. But if you feed your body right, it can burn more in a more efficient manner. So think about skipping the junk-snacks this week–swap them out for a high-protein snack like nuts. Add in one more glass of water a day too–adding it in one by one means eventually you’ll get up to the required amount each day.

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