Getting fit with friends and family

Getting fit and eating well is a challenge.  As my husband headed off on an overnight work trip this evening and I considered not cooking–after all, making a meal for just one is not always so fun–I thought I’d highlight the value of “doing it together”.

Working out together is a good idea.  It doesn’t have to be an organized group; it could just be walking for 30 minutes at lunch with a friend or taking your children to the park for a kick around with the ball.  After all, it’s all exercise–and doing it together makes it more enjoyable–and joining with others means you’ll be more likely to stick with it.

Make this your challenge today: Grab a buddy and take a stroll!

Next month I’m going to start the Montclair Weekend Workout Group in Montclair–helping people to work out in the park and answering questions about to make their workout more effective.

Asking questions is important–if you want to ask me a question, post it here on my blog and I’ll be sure to answer it!

Tidbit of the Day

Remember to always bend your kness when reaching for something below you. You could even do a full squat for extra fitness!

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