You don’t have to be super quick to be super fit.

Remember the story of the tortoise and the hare?

Well, it’s got a message in fitness too–fast isn’t always best, sometimes control will win the race.  As I said yesterday, control of your body is really important when trying for an effective workout.  That’s why I like to try to mix in some yoga.

Yoga can build strength and stamina.  It can also provide a welcome remedy if you have a job where you’re stationary for a long period of time.  A recent blog pointed out that it can build productivity (more effective in less time).

Cold weather can zap your enthusiasm, that’s for sure.  But there are some great energy foods that can give you a boost.  Fruit is always a great energy food –institute a “fruit time” in your day, perhaps midmorning to stave-off grabbing the junk at lunch or midafternoon to conquer that midafternoon lull.

Tidbit of the day
Abs–yeah, they’re tough. But I thought I would share some good abs exercises because they really help shape your midsection and stop the bulge.  Remember, it’s doing them right, in a controlled manner, that’s important.

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