New week–new fitness kickoff day!

I was getting ready for a new week at work last night, and I realized that the one thing a lot of my clients tell me when they start working out at the gym is that they don’t like their underarms…especially now the First Lady has managed to make sleeveless shirts “in” by having such great arms. But, how can you get those toned upper arms?

Small changes have a big impact.

  • Start with a couple of cans of beans or a weight–from 1 to 10 pounds would do and take-on some tricep kickbacks.
  • Fit this in when you’re you’ve finished everything for the day and you’re sat catching up on the day’s news before bed.

So how do you do it?

  • Sit on the end of a weight bench, or a stool would do. Slowly lean forward, while keeping your elbow (and arm) in to your side at a 90-degree angle.
  • Then extend your arm backward–the important things here are to keep your elbow in to your side and keep a slight bend in your arm, even when fully extended.
  • Slowly curl your arm back up to the starting position.

You’ll get greater value from more control, and more reps–so be mindful not to think you’re doing it just from numbers alone. Here’s a picture you can copy

In the end, bad diet could scupper your fitness mission–you have to fuel your body with great foods.

In the Winter, it’s easy to go for the carbs or the large meals. But kudos to a recent weightwatchers blog that highlighted the value of bowls in making you feel good (and satisfied). Bowls look fuller and I think their curved shape has some “warm comfort” on a cold day. But now you’ve got that bowl…whatdaya do?

  • I love soups–any soup–especially at work, because it’s easy and fulfilling.
  • My favorite though? I find dark greens like spinach and arugula can provide some real comfort too! You can treat yourself to a homemade hearty winter salad! Low-guilt food!

Tidbit of the day
Check out Dr. Oz–no, really–2/3rds of losing weight is diet. Watch this!

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